Oak Wilt Treatment and Prevention in Texas

Finally, an Oak Wilt Treatment that really works!

We have an Oak Wilt treatment that If caught and treated soon enough, you will see a complete recovery from Oak Wilt in a few weeks. Right now in the heat of the summer the Oak Wilt fungus is moving and killing trees at its fastest. Treatment and prevention can’t happen soon enough.

With our treatment, we are so confident that it will revive sick trees and prevent the movement of the Oak Wilt, we are offering a money back guarantee. Our customers are surprised and happy with the results they are seeing.

The Heart and Soul of BioGreen Tree Care Services

Being born and raised in Texas, I've personally seen the devastation and havoc that Oak Wilt has wreaked on the environment. In some areas of our beloved state of Texas, this fungus has destroyed the scenic beauty and historical significance of our Oak trees. Property values throughout Texas have also taken a hit. Responsible tree care has to include inspection and treatment for Oak Wilt.

We love trees and know that you do too. Trees bring life, beauty and character to our homes, neighborhoods and environment. We are proud to have satisfied customers from El Paso to Houston and Dallas to San Antonio.

As homeowners, we understand that beyond the emotional value, there is a very real and tangible property value associated with trees. Many experts estimate the value to be 15% or more of the total real estate value. Make BioGreen Tree Care your partner for prevention and treatment of Oak Wilt throughout the great state of Texas.

Proudly Serving the great State of Texas.

BioGreen Tree Care's Roots

The roots of our exclusive process can be traced to a brilliant microbiologist and holder of six doctorate degrees. It is but one of his many breakthrough discoveries and it has never been marketed until now.

We can't save every tree, but it’s frustrating and disheartening when we lose even a single Oak. The fact that you are considering us is truly an honor. We treat residential and commercial properties.

Prevention and Treatment Services

In addition to solving problems with Oak Wilt once they occur, we include inspection and maintenance with every tree care service. We believe this step to be vital because Oak Wilt can take over and cause leaves to yellow and fall off within just a week. Spring is the best time to treat your foliage because the ravages of summer heat can exacerbate any existing problems.

Our Number One Priority

We are confident that you will be happy with the results and join our growing list of success stories. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our preventive measures remove the food source used by Oak Wilt and improve the tree's circulation, bringing nourishment from the lowest roots to the top branches. We give your tree a coat of armor and reduce the need for watering in the process.

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