Finally, an Oak Wilt Treatment that really works!

We have an Oak Wilt treatment that If caught and treated soon enough, you will see a complete recovery from Oak Wilt in a few weeks. Right now in the heat of the summer the Oak Wilt fungus is moving and killing trees at its fastest. Treatment and prevention can’t happen soon enough.

With our treatment, we are so confident that it will revive sick trees and prevent the movement of the Oak Wilt, we are offering a money back guarantee. Our customers are surprised and happy with the results they are seeing.

The Heart and Soul of BioGreen Tree Care Services

Being born and raised in Texas, I've personally seen the devastation and havoc that Oak Wilt has wreaked on the environment. In some areas of our beloved state of Texas, this fungus has destroyed the scenic beauty and historical significance of our Oak trees. Property values throughout Texas have also taken a hit. Responsible tree care has to include inspection and treatment for Oak Wilt.

We love trees and know that you do too. Trees bring life, beauty and character to our homes, neighborhoods and environment. We are proud to have satisfied customers from El Paso to Houston and Dallas to San Antonio.

As homeowners, we understand that beyond the emotional value, there is a very real and tangible property value associated with trees. Many experts estimate the value to be 15% or more of the total real estate value. Make BioGreen Tree Care your partner for prevention and treatment of Oak Wilt throughout the great state of Texas.

Proudly Serving the great State of Texas.

BioGreen Tree Care's Roots

The roots of our exclusive process can be traced to a brilliant microbiologist and holder of six doctorate degrees. It is but one of his many breakthrough discoveries and it has never been marketed until now.

We can't save every tree, but it’s frustrating and disheartening when we lose even a single Oak. The fact that you are considering us is truly an honor. We treat residential and commercial properties.

Prevention and Treatment Services

In addition to solving problems with Oak Wilt once they occur, we include inspection and maintenance with every tree care service. We believe this step to be vital because Oak Wilt can take over and cause leaves to yellow and fall off within just a week. Spring is the best time to treat your foliage because the ravages of summer heat can exacerbate any existing problems.

Our Number One Priority

We are confident that you will be happy with the results and join our growing list of success stories. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our preventive measures remove the food source used by Oak Wilt and improve the tree's circulation, bringing nourishment from the lowest roots to the top branches. We give your tree a coat of armor and reduce the need for watering in the process.

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    Few things can take over and destroy a setting or cluster of gorgeous tress quite like a horrific case of oak wilt. If you own trees on your property, home, and/or business, and are not familiar with the toxic fungus, be warned. It will rip through the most lush settings with the vengeance of a logging company. 

     Currently, 21 states are plagued by oak wilt, and there is nothing that suggests that the number will not be escalating in the coming seasons. We at BioGreen Tree Care know that in 1944, for instance, infected areas lost half of the tress present in the state of Wisconsin as Oak wilt killed them. The whole area was decimated Oak wilt cannot be cured, only managed, so it is always best to have oak trees inspected. 

     Many homes and a striking number of businesses have taken to the habit of diversifying the kinds of oak tress that are present, which while quite eye catching, does nothing to stop the progress of deadly oak wilt. There is no species of oak tree that is immune to the fungus, but we at BioGreen Tree Care know what is needed when. 

     As a matter of fact, no one is better suited for the work than your tree hugging friends at BioGreen Tree Care. We know that red oak dies faster than white oak once infected, and we know how to treat even the most severe outbreaks if captured in time. Therein lies the problem however. Often times, people put off the treatment assuming that it is going to be costly or cumbersome, which is sad, since neither is true here at BioGreen Tree Care. 

     Even worse, we see cases where the occupants or dwellers have no idea that the trees are even sick. This may sound strange, but in many cases, people see the diminished leaves and think little of them. It appears as but a quirk, at first, so this is totally understandable, we hear it often. Sadly, this is not just a harmless anomaly to anyone who loves their trees. What it is, in fact, is a progressive deterioration that turns the trees into ugly husks so rapidly that it almost seems beyond reason to many. 

     That goes for Chinese chestnut trees, as well These delicious beauties can be hit with the fungus so powerfully that these living works of art are soon off to the mulch shop. There is no need for that, let us come and spruce up the environment. Let us inspect the area even if there is no reason to suspect that oak wilt or some other tree-based calamity is happening. Failing to do this can have terrible consequences which could result in blight and tree loss. 

     The problem is worsening, with inoculation experiments showing that 35 native and exotic oaks are susceptible to oak wilt, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture website. Spring is when oak wilt likes to strike the most, but often times this is misleading since it has been seen at other points on the calendar. Beyond that, if it hits in Spring, there is a better than average chance that it won't be noticed until late into the summer when monstrous amounts of damage have been done. In the Spring, when leaves are growing anew anyhow, being prudent enough to even notice the nasty fungus in those important early is not only difficult, but highly unlikely. 


  Dreary looking bronzed or green leaves that appear to be wet when they are not is a sure sign that the oat wilt fungus is present. The tips and the outermost edges start to curl around the midrib. In no time at all, the crown is infected and the leaves on the ends of branches are simply shed like cat fur. To the chagrin of tree owners, it is at this point or beyond that we often first get a call for help.

     We can do it, for there is no one in the area of tree preservation and wellness who can battle oak wilt like BioGreen Tree Care can, but it is not an easy task. It is far better to have the land inspected long before any such travesty takes place and the whole tree or cluster is lost. It is only too common that we hear about people who have used either sub-standard tree services who did not have the level of skill that we at BioGreen Tree Care have or, worse still, they called no one at all.

     Defoliation happens next as leaves fall in all all stages of development. In years when the rain is rather bleak, oak wilt mimics drought tree symptoms until it is discovered too late to be the much dreaded fungus. If the tree is also drought affected, then the problem is compounded, and calling anyone but BioGreen Tree Care will be a death sentence for the trees in question. We are really that good. 

     Some trees see their deaths happen in only one to two months, which for oaks and other simpler trees, is like a few hours for a person, to put this into terms that are easily related to by most people. Oak wilt strikes fast and it hits with an insatiable appetite, too. Almost ALL trees die in the span of one year, we know, and disgusting looking fungus mats are often the aftermath.  

     In no time at all, ones haven of trees is reduced to an eyesore with big gaping holes where oaks once stood ,now making the scenery resemble a smile from someone missing too many teeth. It would be common at this point to think, after a handful of your favorite trees have met a quickened end, to assume that the worst is now done. Nothing at all could be further from the truth. 


 You see, what happens is that sap feeding beetles and various other bugs feed on the fungus mat. Those insects then roam around and, much like that co-worker who gave the whole office the flu last year, so infect every tree that they come in contact with. Since some insects do not just live in one area as people often assume, it is easy to see how just a handful of bugs can create a nightmare in no time whatsoever. 

     The same would hold true of even the common housefly or rodent, when one stops to think about it. As these things scurry about, they come into contact with other trees. Just imagine how much damage only a single squirrel with oak wilt fungus on it's fluffy tail as it bounds from branch to branch frolicking the day away could do.

     Just about anything can carry the fungus once it gets bad enough, and since it goes through trees like a chainsaw, developing a bad case of oak wilt takes no time at all. One day everything is looking as splendid as always and the next it looks like the trees are about to try out for parts in a zombie movie. We have seen cases of it so bad that at night, the poor trees look like something out of a Gothic horror novel. 

     Oak bark beetles are an even nastier foe since they are known to do their breeding underneath the bark of the trees already suffering oak wilt. This is the time that damages are going on “behind the scenes” in the bark and this where the whole thing can come crashing down, literately!

     Curing oak wilt is like trying to capture the wind. There is no known cure for the fungus nor the damage that it inflicts, but thankfully, new techniques found at BioGreen Tree Care can do a lot to preserve that which can be saved. Prevention is the key when it comes to dealing with this awful enemy of trees. Not having to deal with it all is the best possible option, and that means getting trained professionals out to inspect the mighty oaks. It may be that certain trees need to die off and be removed in order to prevent other specimens from becoming infected, too. 

     That means that, whether prevented or noticed quite late, the best chance for the whole area when there is even a question of oak wilt is to call none other than the sworn enemy of the oak wilt fungus, the true tree people at BioGreen Tree Care. Call us today and let us know about what kind of land we are talking about. Is it a home, office, or perhaps that loved bit of acreage that just hasn't looked quite right lately. 

     Or, considering the nature of the enemy that we are speaking of, maybe the land has never looked better. Even so, make sure that we are not forgotten here at BioGreen Tree Care because we will know if there is a blight about to happen on the land. We know the symptoms way, way in advance and can nip the whole problem in the bud for a price that is far lower than expected. Do call us today, the lives of those precious oaks depend on it!

Oak Wilt Treatment
in Boerne, Texas

Best Oak Wilt Treatment
Boerne, TX

Boerne, Texas is blessed with some of the most beautiful oaks in all of America.  We love Boerne because Boerne loves their oaks.  At the first sign of oak wilt, Boerne, TX calls for the safe, effective treatment exclusive to BioGreen Tree Care.  At BioGreen, we know that people who love their oak trees want to be outside with them, so our oak wilt treatment is safe for people, pets,  and other trees while delivering a knockout punch to deadly oak wilt.  

There's no need to wait for an oak wilt outbreak.  

You can use the safe, affordable oak wilt treatment Boerne has been using for years to prevent a problem before it even starts.

Call us today, and we'll get your Boerne oaks back in tip top shape.
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