Nothing matters when dealing with oak wilt more than what we here at BioGreen Tree Care call “The 'P' Word.” That magic word is prevention, and nothing in the whole world matters more when dealing with the deplorable fungus than prevention. The lives of the trees depend upon this never being forgotten nor overlooked. 

     Keeping the fungus mats under control and managing certain kinds of insects is very important. If some trees are infected and cannot be removed, it is possible in most instances for fungicide treatments to be administered by a trained technician, such as the ones found at BioGreen Tree Care. This can go a very long way in preventing healthy trees from ever suffering from the terrible fungus.

    Knowing things about the land, the layout, the soil, and even what the trees are consuming can go a long way in establishing the most productive avenues to combat healthy oak infections. We are very proud of the fact that at BioGreen Tree Care, we are able to handle cases that have left others baffled. Neighbors will have ugly gaunt trees with leaves that look like wilted pieces of anemic typing paper while homes that we tended to RIGHT NEXT DOOR are not infected. That kind of prevention perfection is our calling card.


      Techniques can be applied in relation to how bark on trees is dealt with, also. There are cost effective treatments that can be worked into the area that is not harmful in any way to the environment or the people around the trees, which is something that matters to a lot of families. Kids play in trees, on trees, a few even fall from them, unfortunately. Tire swings and secret tree houses do not need to be practically toxic because of the treatment used to fight oak wilt. We make sure that something that like that never happens.

     The same holds true for offices, businesses, and dwellings devoid of children, as well. Who wants to walk around or be in the presence of something that is no longer safe due to the combating of a tree fungus? Doing the job right the healthiest way imaginable is what we at BioGreen Tree Care can be counted on for.

     Remember, trees that live for centuries can die within only months when oak wilt becomes present. Leaves deform and crumble as whole clusters of immaculate oaks and Chinese Chestnut trees
becoming shriveled and morbid looking. Prevention, the all important “P” word, is what needs to be
always kept in the forefront of the,mind. Oak wilt never sleeps and it never gets full. It is always hungered and constantly looking for trees...YOUR trees....to consume.

     Don't let it happen! Call BioGreen Tree Care today and let us get our trained industry experts dispatched to the location so that not only won't you have to worry about oak wilt again, but we will give you a both a guarantee and price that will leave you awestruck. You have our word on that. Call today!

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