BioGreen Tree Care received a call from a very distraught gentleman who had seen online that cutting down infected trees was the best way to combat oak wilt. While this is true, it is like saying that removing one’s head is the best way to combat a toothache. Sometimes, areas where trees are cannot have the trees removed without ruining the whole look.

     Well, this was the case of the person who contacted us. Having not prevented the fungus from presenting itself by calling us sooner (as all people who own oak trees should do), we told him that we could come out and have a look....without a chainsaw in hand.

     As soon as we arrived, we could see the problem that he with removing the infected trees. There was only a small cluster of trees that loomed like massive skyscrapers. Removing even one would render the whole area awkward in appearance, something our new friend was quite concerned about. The home had been in his family for many years, and he had watched the trees grow as he did. That meant a very great deal to him.

     Thankfully, anti-fungal treatments administered at just the right dosage was an option for that gentleman, not only are all of his trees still standing, but those that were not infected are still not infected thanks to our safe oak wilt prevention system. Oak Wilt does not have a chance when confronted by us here at BioGreen Tree Care.


     That ultimately is the key. The combination of our treatment mastery blended with the skill and experience needed to prevent the trees being treated from infecting the others. It makes all the difference, it really does.

     Knowing which treatments work,as well as the nuances between White Oaks, Red Oaks, and even certain chestnut tree varieties which can fall victim to oak wilt. That matters as much as anything in our trade.

     It takes a lot of time to get to be the best, to grow a company that treats and prevents what many people have never heard of (until it is often quite late), but the results speak for themselves. BioGreen Tree Care welcomes you to see how you can benefit from our years of dedicated work. We love the majesty that trees bring to an area, a business, or even your most prized possession; your home.

     If the leaves are looking a bit stymied or stunted, if the fungal moss is starting to make a carpet around your beloved surroundings, or if there is any question regarding any of the trees or landscaping, don't hesitate to remember us.

    The problem is only going to get worse, and without proper treatment administered right now, it is hard to say just what the outcome will be. Don't wait until it is too late to do anything but start sawing. Biogreen Tree Care can and WILL prevent that from happening to you.  

     Call us today, we are BioGreen Tree Care, and we will happily set up the perfect time to come and treat that oak wilt problem once and for all.

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